Testimonios de Gente Real, que ha Tenido Mucho Exito con el Metodo CTPM, sbi!

Testimonio de Jeff

My name is Jeff. I never introduced myself earlier to the Forums, even though I joined SBI months ago. I’ve even progressed to day 5 and I’ve got my domain.

And I almost failed.

And I would have, if I hadn't reread “Why People Fail.” Anyone new to SBI who is reading this, please take these words to heart.

Especially if you’re an independent and very creative thinker like I am. SBI is a unique concept that works. But only if it’s followed to the letter. It literally works with mathematical precision. It works in harmony with the laws of the algorithmic universe, and the laws of human behavior.

Being a creative person (extremely right brained), I, over time, became bogged down with elements of my own creative personality, and began to fail. I began to OVER-think and OVER-create SBI. I could identify with more than one of the reasons why people fail in the booklet. And have decided, that even though I have registered my domain, am going back to day 3 to re construct my blueprint, properly.

I won’t go into detail about the idiosyncrasies of my self-inflicted dilemma.

But I'm simply posting this here, to all new members, to PLEASE READ THE BOOKLET.

The thing is, you might read it the first time, like I did, and be so anxious to Why People Fail move on and get things done, that very little of it registers.

It's the “ya ya, what’s next” syndrome.

Then, your own personality will start to bog you down, and distract you from the critical path. You get discouraged. You start to question whether this is going to work for you. And thus begins the swirling black hole of self defeat.

“Why People Fail” is a must read at the beginning. And, it is the perfect morale booster. Print it off. Keep it around. Find the elements of it that you identify with most. It’s painful, but it works. It's like Buckley’s formula:

It’s made from extract of pine needles. What did you expect it to taste like? That’s all.


Jeff Chorniak


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