Small projects

Small Projects- The definition of small projects covers many types of work. In most companies, these small projects are not viewed as “projects” at all.

Your cdiscretionary requests. However, they have all the characteristics of a project - the work is unique, has a beginning and end date, results in the creation of a deliverable, etc.

It’s just thatthe work is small and so the project itself is small.

In many organizations, small work efforts are considered a part of the support or operations organization.

Many of these small work efforts can fall under support because they originate with some type of problem or failure to a production process.

sometimes the failure is critical to resolve immediately, and sometimes the failure is minor and can be allowed to continue unresolved for a long time

It can be hard to decide whether a small piece of work should be managed as a support request or managed as a small project.One distinction to look at is whether there is discretion in when the work is completed. If a problem arises that requires a fix to be performed quickly, the work is definitely support.

If a problem arises that can be prioritized and worked on sometime in the future, it is considered a small project.

If work is classified as a discretionary small project, it does not diminish the criticality or the value of the request. It only means that there is discretion as to when the work gets done.

for example, if a request is important enough, it may push to the top of the work queue and be started immediately.

However, later an even more urgent request could come up that would require the other request to be put on hold. The nature of discretionary work is thatis subject to prioritization decisions. This is in contrast to true support work.

If a production process is down, or is producing inaccurate results, typically the problem needs to be resolved now, and cannot be stopped because of a discretionary request.

Smart objectives

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