Requirements Testing

Requirements Testing

Requirements Testing - The purpose of this test is to validate that the system meets all business requirements.

This test is relatively straightforward, but it requires that you have done a good job of documenting the requirements during the Analysis Phase. If you do not have written requirements, you have nothing to validate against.

A good technique is to list the business requirements down the rows of a table. In the second column, describe how you will test that the requirement is satisfied.

This could include the specific test case(s) utilized

The third column has an indication that the test was completed and what the results were. Remember, you are validating that all features and functions work as they should.

You are not trying to break the system. Just include one or more cases that test the business requirement and ensure that the results are as planned.

In addition to the business requirements, there may be other unstated requirements that need testing as well. These could include organizational standards, policies, auditing requirements, etc.

As an example, all online screens may need to include the company logo. Although this was not a project requirement, it may be a company standard that needs to be validated.

If you are tracking requirements through the lifecycle, this test is still necessary. Tracking the requirements down through the construction modules and test cases validates that the requirement has not been forgotten.

However, the project team has done the tracking and testing to this point. The requirements test is an opportunity for the client to validate that all the requirements are in the solution and work as expected.


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