Power Users

Power Users

Power Users - Many applications have one or more users that are more sophisticated in their use of the system and have more need for information.

These people don't just use the basic application. They also use the advanced features and functions.

In many cases, they can run or even create pre-built queries. Sometimes they can write their own ad-hoc reports and queries.

These people are referred to as power users.

In most cases, their jobs require them to have the ability to use the application to a far higher degree than regular users. They may even have some basic IT skills.

The reason that people are classified as power users is that they place greater demands on the support organization. Instead of needing help for basic problems, these people may need special training and special data access.

They may have support questions regarding how the application data is structured, and they may need help comparing their ad-hoc queries against other production reports.

They are people that can also provide informal support to the rest of the users. Because of their advanced knowledge, they may be relied upon to assist with answering questions from normal users and from client managers.

The power users may or may not have special designations or titles, but they should be identified by the support organization. This allows the support group to understand the special needs of the power users and make sure that the support level is appropriate.


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