Performance Testing

Perfomance Testing

Perfomance Testing - The project team must understand the requirements for the level of transaction volume the system needs to handle. This includes normal volume, slow volume, and high volume.

Examples of this volume include the number of simultaneous users, the number of database reads and writes, the number of batch transactions, and the number of webpages accessed.

Of course, you need to know the volume over a specific timeframe.

A system that expects 100 online transactions per hour has vastly different considerations than one that has to handle a million transactions an hour.

Some of the performance measures can be taken from the requirements. Other performance measures may come from the technical design.

For instance, the requirements may point out a need to process 100 transactions per minute. The design work may translate this into 1000 database calls per minute if each transaction requires 10 database calls.

The purpose of performance testing is to simulate the volume of a live system and make sure that the solution responds within expectations. If you have specific service level agreements in place, you must ensure that you can achieve them. It is very important to test at the top end of the volume requirements and not just test the typical volume level.

The areas you are looking for include:

• Online response time for screen navigation

• Online response time for processing data against databases

• The time to run batch processes

• Delivery time for hard copy reports (i.e. are they ready by 8:00 AM?)

• Printer capacity to handle requests

• Downtime for batch processing or periodic maintenance

• File sizes and storage capacity

Physical Database View

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