One-on-One Interviewing

One-on-One Interviewin

One-on-one interviews are probably the most common method of gathering business requirements.

The technique involves having an interviewer and an interviewee, although there are some variations, including having a scribe present to document the discussion and the requirements.

If there are multiple interviewees, then the technique is a group interview.

Interviewing is basically just talking, although it is a discussion with a purpose. The interviewer must keep control over the discussion to make sure that the basic objectives of the interview are met.

In the context of the Analysis Phase, we are using the interview process to gather requirements.

Good interviewing skills take some practice. Sometimes you go in for an interview session, talk and listen for an hour, and come out with a good set of applicable requirements. Other times you may spend an hour talking to a person and not come out with any useful information.

Some interviewees are good at organizing their thoughts and providing information to you in a manner that you can easily comprehend and document. Other interviewees are not as comfortable organizing their thoughts, or have a hard time expressing them and therefore need to be placed into a structured discussion.

You will also find some people that are hostile or suspicious of the information you are gathering. No matter what the situation is, good interviewing skills can usually help you gather the information you are seeking.

As you become more effective in gathering requirements through the interview process, you will also find that you become better at the other requirements gathering techniques as well. Although the interview process relies heavily on good verbal and listening skills, all of the other techniques do as well.

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