Management and Leadership

Some of the work in your organization is not directly related to your business, but is related instead to your people (and indirectly, of course, to your business).

Management and leadership is the category of work that includes the time and cost to manage and lead your staff.

This includes time for listening to employee concerns, providing performance feedback to your direct reports, hiring people, etc. It also includes activities required from the management hierarchy.

For instance, you may be asked to read a new dress code policy and provide feedback, or you may need to spend a substantial amount of time creating a presentation on what your group does.

On the other hand, this category does not include major initiatives to invest in people capability. For instance, you may plan an initiative to introduce formal project management techniques within your organization.

This might involve building a Project Management Office, deploying a methodology, training people, etc. This initiative should be structured as a project and will not fall within the management and leadership category. (It probably will fall under the “Lead the Business” work category.)

In general, you should find that there is much less work in the management and leadership category than in the other work categories. After all, only managers would spend time in this category. If your organization has 500 people, perhaps 40 to 50 are classified as managers.

Of those people, perhaps 40%-60% of their time is actually in management and leadership, including the time spent specifically dealing with people management or responding to organizational requests. The rest of the time managers will spend doing projects, operations and support work. The time that managers spend working on projects should be allocated to the project.

This includes the time spent in project status meetings, working on project deliverables, reviewing project reports, etc. (In some organizations, all of this time might be allocated to “management”. However, this time can easily be allocated back to the actual project as well.)

Mandatory Communication

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