Goldplating - You should always strive to carefully set expectations and then meet those expectations. However, if you are not confident in your ability to deliver, you may also have heard it is better to under promise, but over deliver.

This is actually a good thing if it refers to your ability to deliver your work earlier than promised or for less money than you estimated. However, it is not the right thing to do in terms of business requirements.

The term Goldplating refers to delivering more requirements than what the client requested. Even though it might seem that this is a good thing, it actually is not.

It is wrong for two reasons. First, the primary focus of the project should be to make sure that you deliver what the client wants - on time and within budget.

By adding in additional work, the risk increases that the project will not meet its deadline or budget. If you end up missing your deadline date, you will not find sympathy if you explain that the date was missed because of adding more work than the client agreed to.

Second, if you goldplate, you are taking it upon yourself to make a business decision on what is of most value to the client.

There may be some good reasons why the additional features were not included in the initial project scope. They may, in fact, be of marginal value to the client.

There may be more value in having the solution completed early and for less cost.

The point is that this is a client decision and not one that the project manager should make. If you can complete the project earlier or for less money than was budgeted, let the client make the decision on what to do with the good fortune.


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