Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate in a Site? It is the percent of visitors who land on a page then leave without taking any other action whatsoever.

Also known as the visitors who did not “stick” (referring to the old throw-spaghetti-against-the-wall test).

The first thing you need to determine is how quickly did they bounce? Are these people who clicked in, saw
they were in the completely wrong (or unexpected) place, and got the heck out?.

In that case, you may have a traffic source problem. This is most worrisome when you’re paying for traffic. It is often due to allowing an automated ad-serving program such as Google AdWords, post your ad for inappropriate searches.

For example, people searching for “Hotels in Las Vegas New Mexico” will bounce right off of landing pages for
“Hotels in Las Vegas Nevada.”

The second group of bounces is people who stuck around for awhile (perhaps as long as 15 seconds or more), took a thorough look, and decided you were not right for them.

In this case they were most likely a good prospect for your offer, but your page let them down.

Perhaps the path to conversion wasn’t clear. Perhaps you served them a fairly general page such as a home
page or a category page when they were hoping for something extremely specific.

Perhaps your page did not include enough trust elements to sooth their anxiety.

Or any number of other reasons. These are factors you can improve with testing. These are visitors you might be able to win over if you invest in tests.

The nasty little secret about bounces is that most analytics systems don’t measure length of visit if a visitor only lands on a single page.

So, you can’t run a report to discover what type of bounce problem you have (the wrong traffic or a problem page). I have heard programmers tell me there’s a simple workaround, but you have to bug them for it. Good luck.

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