Auditing for Security

Auditing for Security

Your internal and external auditors are typically interested in making sure that you have good, sound security policies in place and that you are following them.

The best laid plans are meaningless if they are not executed, and auditing makes sure that security is in place and enforced appropriately.

Auditing is also very interested in separation of duties.

This means that different people or groups are involved in various parts of a process to ensure that one or two people cannot collaborate for personal gain.

This includes, for example, making sure that people cannot approve their own expense report.

On the IT side, it means things like making sure business users cannot directly manipulate production data and that developers do not approve their own source code changes to be moved to production.

Depending on the nature of your solution, the Auditing group may have requirements in terms of how people interact with processes, the functions certain people can perform, audit controls, approval requirements and the length of time that data should be retained.


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