PMP Certification Preparation Training


This is the content and structure the PMP certification training that I offer at Universities to Prepare future PMP's

What is PMP?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to recognize individuals who have obtained knowledge and experience in project management.

Course Overview

This program is based primarily on the Project Management Institute's (PMI®) 'A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge' (PMBOK® Guide 4th edition) standards and certification process for the designation of:

PMP® - Project Management Professional from PMI. It is a comprehensive program that will assist individuals in preparing for the PMI's certification exam. PMI's exam covers each section of the PMBOK Guide and other reference materials.

Why Get Certified?

There are at least 4 reasons for seeking certification:

1) Need to expand competence
2) Personal professionalism
3) Corporate support
4) International recognition

Course Objective

• Enable learners to pass the PMP exam.
• Familiarize learners with the multiple-choice exam format.
• Provide access to suitable study material.
• In-depth review of the PMBOK 2008.
• Guidance in applying for PMP.

Who Should Attend?

• Anyone who intends to take the PMP Exam in the next six months.
• Project managers and other project team members.
• Managers of project managers.
• Project customers and other project stakeholders.
• Educators teaching project management and related subjects.
• Consultants and other specialists in project management and related fields.
• Trainers developing project management educational programs.

Course Outline

Getting Started

What it Takes to be a Certified Project Manager (PMP)

Session 1 - Project Management - Framework and Standard
• The Project Management Framework
- Introduction
- Project life cycle and organization
• The Standard for Project Management of a Project
- Project Management Processes for a Project

Session 2 - Project Management Knowledge Areas
• Project Integration Management
• Project Scope Management
• Project Time Management
• Project Cost Management
• Project Quality Management
• Project Human Resource Management
• Project Communications Management
• Project Risk Management
• Project Procurement Management

Session 3 – Initiate a Project and Create its Scope Statement
• Develop Project Charter [Process]
• Identify Stakeholders [Process]
• Plan Communications [Process]
• Develop Project Management Plan [Process]
• Collect Requirements [Process]
• Scope Definition [Process]

Session 4 – Create Breakdown Structures

• Create WBS [Process]
• Define Activities [Process]
• Resource Types
• Estimate Activity Resources [Process]
• Develop Human Resource Plan [Process]

Session 5 - Selecting Contractors and Team

• Plan Procurements [Process]
• Conduct Procurements [Process]
• Acquire Project Team [Process]

Session 6 - Estimation and Developing Risk Responses

• Project Estimation
• Plan Risk Management [Process]
• Identify Risks [Process]
• Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis [Process]
• Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis [Process]
• Plan Risk Responses [Process]

Session 7 – Development of Project Schedule

• Sequence Activities [Process]
• Estimate Activity Durations [Process]
• Develop Schedule [Process]

Session 8 - Determine Project Budget and Plan Quality

• Estimate Costs [Process]
• Determine Budget [Process]
• Plan Quality [Process]

Session 9 – Integrity of the Performance Measurement Baseline

• Earned Value Management
• Configuration Management System
• Perform Integrated Change Control [Process]
• Control Scope [Process]
• Control Schedule [Process]
• Control Cost [Process]

Session 10 – Executing, Reporting, and Monitoring & Control

• Direct and Manage Project Execution [Process]
• Report Performance [Process]
• Distribute Information [Process]
• Administer Procurements [Process]
• Monitor and Control Risks [Process]
• Monitor and Control Project Work [Process]

Session 11 – Management of Teams and Stakeholders

• Interpersonal Skills
• Develop Project Team [Process]
• Manage Project Team [Process]
• Manage Stakeholder Expectations [Process]

Session 12 - Quality Auditing, Verifying, and Closing

• Perform Quality Control [Process]
• Perform Quality Assurance [Process]
• Verify Scope [Process]
• Close Project or Phase [Process]
• Close Procurements [Process]

Session 13 – Professional Responsibility and PMP Exam Tips & Tricks

• Professional Responsibility
• PMP Exam Tips and Tricks


Upon successful completion of this preparation course, the participants will receive a certificate of attendance the course, stating that they have completed the PMP Certification Preparation.

Once they have this certificate, the participant can apply for the PMP Exam in a Prometric Center.

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