The Real Cost of PMP Certification - How much you can Expect to pay if you want this Valuable Seal

by Hector Olvera, PMP

What Is the Cost of PMP Certification? - The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the Project Management Professional or PMP certification to qualified applicants who can demonstrate excellence in managing projects.

There are several costs associated with obtaining the PMP certification. You should consider them all before submitting for an application.

These costs may be Direct or Indirect. I list both so that You can decide if you can afford ─and want─the PMP Certification.

If I was asked if it worths the investment, My answer would be a definitive and shouting YES!!!.

1. The Contact Hours

You must obtain 35 hours of project management related coursework or contact hours before applying for PMP certification.

PMI accepts a broad array of coursework to qualify as contact hours. Classes can range from free, to several thousand dollars, depending on the institution offering the courses.

Many individuals obtain these hours from courses provided by their place of employment. Courses must be related somehow with Project Management, in one of their Ten Knowledge Areas ─Version 5th of the PMBOK.

The Typical Cost for these 35 Contact hr, would be around $700 US , depending in the Institution pedigree.

2- The Exam

You must pass an exam offered by PMI to receive the PMP certification. As of Mar 2013, costs for the PMP exam is, for a PMI member = $405 US . The PMP Exam is 200 questions and you have four hours to complete it.

3- The PMI Membership

PMI membership is not required to receive PMP certification, but is highly recommended. You will receive a discount on the PMP exam and a host of other benefits.

As of Mar 2013, the annual cost for a new PMI membership is $129 US

4- Study Material to Prepare for the PMP Exam

You need material to prepare for the Exam. I purchased three items. Expect these items to add up to the Cost of PMP Certification.

a) The Study Book, I used Rita's book, which cost me $295 US

b) Exam Simulator, which offers you many questions and an experienced exactly as the PMP Exam. I paid $265 US for the Software PMP Simulator

c) Audio Book, Since I drive a lot, and I am a good listen learner, I put it in my car and learn as I drive, paid $35 US.

5- Traveling to the Exam

If you are lucky enough to have a Prometric Center in your city, no need travel. But most of the cases, you need to so some traveling, as I did.

I chose San Diego California to show up for the PMP Exam, in a Prometric Center. I paid an additional $250 US for lodging, food and transportation.

By adding up all costs associated, the Total Cost of PMP Certification would be around $2'100 US

The Rematch

If you fail the exam the first time, no need to kill yourself. You can try the Test 3 times in a year. You need to pay an additional fee of around $200 US though.

In Summary -

You can really expect a ramping-up in your career and income once you achieve the PMP Certification. But there is nothing such a Free Lunch . You must be willing to pay the price in both, Money and Time invested to study.

I recommed my students to build this as a Sole Project: "Passing the PMP Certification by Day-Month-Yr" and stick to the Plan.

The Cost of PMP Certification is just a small investment that will pay back once you are highly ranked in the labor market.

Hector Olvera, PMP

Hector Olvera is a PMP Certified Project Manager. He has been writing for six years on themes about applying project management in Mexico and Latin America ─The Right Way..

He has managed several projects for the Private Sector, including Production Lines transfer from off-shore to Mexico, New Products Introduction and Implementing Quality Systems. As well as Project Management Training and how to build a Project Management Office PMO from scratch.

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